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A Miracle Greater than the One on 34th Street 
Gary Baldwin, one happy pastor 

Dr. Gary Baldwin, pastor at New Life Community Church in Alexandria shared great news today. He calls it the "Miracle at NLCC -- Special Gift from Heaven -- God's Hands Touch."

New Life Church is an exceptional community with a generous heart for others and a very large missional foot print in their community. The word is getting out. 

An anonymous letter below was recently received by the church:

Dear Friends,  
I have heard of the good things that your church is doing. I wanted to do something meaningful with the money God has entrusted me with. I elected to pay off the mortgage loan on the church building. I hope this allows the church to continue doing great things for Christ.  
An Anonymous Friend

Gary relates, "With the card was a bank deposit slip from Red River Bank for $145,548.28 dated November 28, 2014. You can imagine the excitement, thanksgiving, humbleness felt by everyone at church Wednesday night.

Our children could not understand what was happening with the adults. Women were dancing in the lobby. Adults were crying. Smiles were so wide. I was speechless for about 20 minutes. (The last time that happened was before I was born! LOL)  

On Thursday I went to the bank to check it out. The note was paid in full on November 26. The bank balance shows a ZERO! Not one New Lifer has any idea who this most generous, gracious person is.  
From the card and the writing in the card, it appears to be from an elderly person and some believe it is the handwriting of a lady. Pastor Gary has NO IDEA who paid off the church loan. wow! wow! Thank you Jesus! This is much larger than Miracle on 34th Street. This is a God-thing!"