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A Dedication


It was standing room only at the Bethlehem Baptist
Church in Vulcanesti, Moldova report Romany
Missionaries Keith Holmes and Mary van Rheenen.


Bethlehem Church of Volcanesti, the
only all Romany church in the poorest
country in Europe.

The late autumn building dedication service was a very
long time coming, after numerous obstacles for this all
Romany congregation.

Many Moldovans got to taste Romany
music and hospitality first hand, with positive results.
The building itself is a draw. If the lights go on at
night, for any reason, people soon gather just to visit
and see what’s going on.

Bethlehem Church

It still needs some finishing touches like
the gutters and roof ridge to pass final inspection.

However, thanks in part to the many in CBF-LA who
have given money and prayed through the years,
the congregation is now worshipping in their very
own building!

- January 2010

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