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CBF-LA Coordinator Mike Massar Calls for Volunteer Groups to Aid in Disaster

Mike Massar
Mike Massar


Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time. And thank you for your interest in coming to help with this community’s recovery. This event is historic and epic in its devastation. The flood has been described as one happening once in a 1,000 years. The needs for this community are many but the gifts most needed are those of teams that can come and offer physical, emotional and spiritual assistance.

Emmanuel - Alexandria Volunteers
Volunteers from Enmanuel Baptist, Alexandria, LA

As we are beginning to assist we are finding families whose homes flooded and we need to remove carpet and padding, move and/or discard furniture, and assist with packing/cataloguing family items. The physical work requires planning and pacing; the emotional work requires paying attention to the grief going on at so many different levels; and the spiritual work requires a keen sensitivity to articulate God’s care in the midst of such tragic circumstances.

In planning to come, here is what the churches – Broadmoor and University – that are housing the teams can provide: (a) there will be rooms/air mattresses provided for sleeping; (b) there will be kitchens available for preparation of snacks/meals; there will be wi-fi capabilities for communication.

What we would ask for teams to provide are: (a) bedding/sleeping bags for team members; (b) meals for the team members while on the field; (c) masks and gloves for work in the homes; and (d) tools as specified by the CBF folks on the field – Bobby Rayborn at Broadmoor Baptist 225-927-5454 and Rick Wright at University Baptist 225-766-9474 . When a team has decided to come, they should get in touch with Bobby or Rick to get their specific assignment. We are still in the mud removal stage at the present time, but the next stage deals with sheet rock removal/construction. Bobby and Rick will have the specific assignments as well as the specific needs. Team leaders need to be aware of pacing their teams because it is physically and emotionally draining, thus taking regular breaks and making sure folks drink a lot of liquids.

We are grateful for your prayerful interest in helping us here in Louisiana, and we want to be prepared so that your time/work will be as efficient and meaningful as possible.


Mike Massar