Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Lousiana




In the Crow’s Nest Looking for Praise
     by Mike Anderson

We love to give and receive awards and recognition and praise. Everybody likes encouragement. We don’t have enough. We should be like the sharp-eye lookout atop the crow’s nest, keeping a watch for fish. We should take every opportunity to encourage one another.

There’s more than enough criticism. Most criticism is destructive. Reckless criticism is like a man on a wrecking crew yanking a plank off the side of the house. Encouragement is like a carpenter nailing up a plank. We are all working on a building. With our words and actions we either build a house or we tear it down.

Jesus assigns you to His building team. We are to be partners building up the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12). The danger we don’t see is, whatever we do, encouraging or tearing others down, we aren’t merely doing it to others. Our work is on our own house we live in as well as the other person’s. When we encourage someone, we are building our own house. When we are hurtful, mean spirited with words, we aren’t doing a lot of damage to the other person. But we are doing a lot of harm to our own building.
Praise trumps criticism. You can’t make too many mistakes praising others for good things they are trying to be and do. Join me and let’s pledge to be part of God’s “A-One” Building Team, building up one another.

While we might appreciate praise from others, desire praise of God. Praise of man is of limited value compared to the praise from God. In fact it’s wrong to strive for man’s praise. Let man’s praise be the consequence of simply doing what you should. But put all your energy into seeking God’s praise (John 5:44). God’s workman has nothing for which to be ashamed.

Now climb up in that crow’s nest and look for opportunities to encourage one another, and make yours a loving church.

Mike Anderson


Mike Anderson is Pastor of Haynes Ave. Baptist Church in Shreveport, facilitates the Pastors Peer Group of North/Central Louisiana and is a past CBF-LA Moderator.