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Louisiana Fellowship Marks 15th Bags of Hope
School Supply Drive in Lake Providence With Carnival

Bags of Hope 2017

Saturday morning August 5 broke bright and warm with the smell of the new
school year in the air. Teachers, school administrators and Cooperative Baptists
from around the state worked to transform Southside Elementary into carnival
atmosphere for the 2017 Bags of Hope Carnival to welcome and bless the dawning
of an academic year.

Bags of Hope 2017

Each student and family were presented a back pack with beginning supplies,
a book, a Bible and several carnival treats including pop corn, snow cones,
jump house, music and craft. Together for Hope Director Marc Boswell followed
up with each teacher the first week of school with appreciation bags and the
essential supplies for the classroom.

bags of hope 2017bags of hope 2017

It is a remarkable partnership spanning 15 years now that speaks to our
long term commitment to a calling to this special community. Thanks to
these churches who sent volunteers, supplies or funding: Haynes Ave Baptist,
Church for the Highlands and First Baptist in Shreveport; Broadmoor and
University in Baton Rouge; St. Charles Ave Baptist in New Orleans;
and Emmanuel in Alexandria.

bags of hope 2017bags of hope 2017

Pictures of previous years of Bags of Hope below:

Bags of Hope 2016


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Bags of Hope 2011
Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011
Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011
Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011
Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011
Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011
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Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011