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Bags of Hope 2016
A Splendid Success

Our annual school supply drive for the children of Lake Providence

Bags of Hope 2016

More than 30 volunteers traveled to Lake Providence in early August for the annual book bag
and school supply drive.


Bags and supplies were provided for every 1st through 5th grader at Southside Elementary.
Additional supplies for middle and high school students were collected for missionary
Marc Boswell, who arrived September 1, to distribute to needy students.
Additionally contacts were made with a Lake Providence alumni group
with whom to partner in future school supply drives.


In collaboration with Principal JoAnn Jones and school staff,
the day turned into a celebration and a blessing for the new school year.
Activities included jump houses, music, and face painting.


In addition, there was popcorn, snowcones, a puppet show, free books and Bibles.
Thanks to the following churches which provided volunteers, supplies and/or funding:
Broadmoor- Baton Rouge, Church for the Highlands, Emmanuel, First-Shreveport, Haynes Ave,
St. Charles Ave, Temple-Ruston, and University-Baton Rouge.

Photos and reports on previous Bags of Hope events below:

Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\CBF\TFH\bagsHpe13\books.jpgDescription: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\CBF\TFH\bagsHpe13\handoff.jpg
Our annual Bags of Hope event to raise school supplies
Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\CBF\TFH\bagsHpe13\happycmprs.jpgDescription: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\CBF\TFH\bagsHpe13\signUp.jpg

Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\CBF\TFH\bagsHpe13\thanks2.jpgDescription: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\CBF\TFH\bagsHpe13\thanksCard.jpg

Recipients are always so grateful and eagerly sign the "thank you" card.

Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\2013-08-11 LP8-13bgsHpe\LP8-13bgsHpe 003.JPGDescription: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\2013-08-11 LP8-13bgsHpe\LP8-13bgsHpe 004.JPG

Friday night "stuffing party" is quite the assembly line .

Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\2013-08-11 LP8-13bgsHpe\LP8-13bgsHpe 005.JPGDescription: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\2013-08-11 LP8-13bgsHpe\LP8-13bgsHpe 006.JPG

We had a ton of donated books, most kids are able to go home with
3 or 4 books in addition to their supplies.

Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\2013-08-11 LP8-13bgsHpe\LP8-13bgsHpe 007.JPG

Each year several Louisiana churches make the trip over in to partner with
local dividuals and businesses who pull together.

Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\2013-08-11 LP8-13bgsHpe\LP8-13bgsHpe 022.JPGDescription: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\2013-08-11 LP8-13bgsHpe\LP8-13bgsHpe 028B.jpg

By tradition, Church for the Highlands youth group celebrates Saturday afternoon
by "jumping in the lake."


Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\CBF\TFH\bags2012\bGShOPE2012 016.jpgDescription: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\CBF\TFH\bags2012\bGShOPE2012 002.jpg


Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\CBF\TFH\bags2012\bGShOPE2012 026.jpg

The annual drive for back packs and school supplies for students in East Carroll
Parish is sponsored by Together for Hope along with local merchants, churches,
individuals and a number of churches around Louisiana .

Bags of Hope 2011

On Friday night before the big day local volunteers as well as those from CBF-LA churches around the state
"commence to filling" book bags. In hysterical cooperation using an assembly line method, we stuff about
1200 book bags typically in about two hours. Soon we have "Mt. Book Bag" piling up at the end of the room.

Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011

On Saturday morning, students are able to visit with their teachers and
school administration as they come to claim their bag.

Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011

Then they collect their book bags from volunteers from all over the state of Louisiana.
We typically have groups from Shreveport, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Ruston and the
New Orleans area there to be a part of the Together for Hope ministry.

Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011

With their words, smiles and with their actions, these volunteers show that
there are people outside of Lake Providence that care.

Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011

Education/literacy is a core issue in overcoming poverty. This event is about encouraging that. With hard work the
middle school in Lake Providence recently showed the highest increase in LEAP scores in the state. Way to go!

Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011

Each year students are given a high interest reading book. These are donated from local
sources and churches in Louisiana and even some churches from other states.

Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011

Each year a "Thank You" card is signed by students and parents. By the end of the morning, the card
is covered with names of those who felt the love of God through friends and strangers alike.

Bags of Hope 2011 Bags of Hope 2011

Local volunteers are there after working very hard to secure donations of money and
school supplies to ensure that the students feel their community cares.

Bags of Hope 2011Bags of Hope 2011

At right is a "group hug" from some of the youth at Haynes Avenue Baptist Church in Shreveport who spent
the week on mission in Lake Providence. This is what the heart of the mission is, that the world feels the love
of God in everything we do. Thank you, everyone, for making this happen year after year.