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Interfaith Lends Its Voice to Cry for Justice and Safety at Camp Minden


Understanding the power of partnership is illustrated in our recent work with Interfaith who have supported the cry for safety and justice at the Camp Minden hazardous waste and explosive site in Northwest Louisiana.

Frances Kelley, a member at Church for the Highlands has organized an amazing array of citizens who are very diverse economically, politically, racially and across the faith spectrum to speak up for the common good.

When the state and EPA proposed to merely burn this dangerous material in open fires, Concerned Citizens organized with petitions, letters, meetings and an over 9,000 member facebook group.
"The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" says the psalmist and we are commanded to steward well this marvelous creation we have been given.

Camp Minden

National news outlets have noted the work which is still not over. Incompetence on many levels as well as criminal behavior has allowed the accumulation of 18 million tons of M6 explosive propellant, the largest stockpile anywhere in the country, which for months was left outside and exposed to the elements.

A real danger remains of massive explosion and/or serious environmental poisoning.Two of the best reports come from a Rachel Maddow clip and this New York Times article.
Yet behind all this activity has been a core group of folks bathing the work in prayer.