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CNN Comes to Lake Providence...shines a light on the need,
points to Together for Hope as a beacon for positive change.

'Cross the gap' on income inequality  Digital Doc: Change in Lake Providence

John Sutter with CNN made 2 trips to Lake Providence, collecting material on income inequality and staying long enough to give a nuanced story. His research found that, yes, Lake Providence is the most unequal place economically in the United States. Yet, he also found hope and gives us plenty to think about as Christians committed to bringing God's wholeness to people and communities.

His videos and articles at CNN.com are well worth the time. This "news" requires our prayerful attention and continuing commitment to put feet to those prayers. You will be moved by the young African American woman in the lead video who feels deeply God has something in mind for Lake Providence. He also listed our missionary Jenny Hodge and her work there as among “10 heroes of Income Inequality, USA.”