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Disaster Response


How Katrina Has Changed Us.


Gulf Coast Response


In the aftermath of Katrina, disaster response became a significant part of our CBF-LA mission. Though not a first responder, we have found an important niche in the response network.  See video of CBF disaster response.

Our own Reid Doster was early called to duty and along with Charles Ray, and now the new CBF National Disaster Response Coordinator, Tommy Deal. Together they have developed a nationally recognized team.

In 2010, the Fellowship disaster response team was accepted into the Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD). This group consists of 50 of the largest, strongest disaster response agencies in the country. And CBF was admitted to the organization as the 51st such group, bringing several key strengths to the table. 

“CBF’s strengths are the generosity of its people and its staying power,” said Charles Ray. “We’ll come in up to a month after the event, and we’ll stay as long as it takes.” 

Disaster response occurs wherever there is need, such as Haiti. Reid has stories to tell in the exciting work of building houses for our neighbors in Haiti. CBF took the lead with several partners including Baptist General Convention of Texas, Fuller Center for Housing and Conscious International. In the summer of 2012 the 100th rubble house was completed.

The need remains tremendous as disaster can occur at any time. We pray that God moves other churches and individuals to come forward as the need arises.

See story of how Katrina has changed us.


Haiti homeless
Many in Haiti slept in make shift “tents.”

Building Haiti home
The rebuilding of an earthquake resistant house using recycled rubble, sweat quity, and the resilience and
hope of a devastated people.

Completed Haitian house
And finally, a completed house built in a safe and
culturally appropriate way made possible
through the gifts of many.