Forming Together with Courage and Honesty

Forming Together is more than our new tag line. It's a new way to share the CBF story. It's a deliberate decision to live in to the six attributes (below) that we have discovered about ourselves.

"Partnering in renewing God's world" is the vision that is bubbling up everywhere in CBF life. Jesus, in Mark 9 tells his disciples not to hinder the good work of others, just because they are not in your group, "whoever is not against us is for us."

So in churches, states and regions we repeatedly see evidence of shared endeavors whether in ecumenical efforts, with other non-profits or with advocacy groups like Interfaith to combat payday lending or in holding government officials accountable for poisoning our environment at Camp Minden.

It takes courage and honesty to be in authentic relationships. Change can be scary and exhilarating. We are building community to sustain us for the days ahead. Our excitement builds as we welcome our new Together for Hope Missionary/Director Marc Boswell. We as staff, council and officers pledge to listen to you as we journey together through this new chapter and seek to be formed together in the image of Christ.

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CHRIST-LIKE  First and foremost, we witness God's work in the world, both as a witness to others for Christ and an observer of God's grace.

INNOVATIVE  CBF is ever exploring ways to renew the church and the world--from how we start churches to our partnerships that bring clean water to impoverished areas.

AUTHENTIC  We value and nurture genuine relationships that are built on respect, where we create opportunities for dialogue about issues facing the modern chuch and the modern Christian. 

GLOBAL Our impact reaches every corner of the globe, with a CBF presence  spanning from rural villages in Thailand to the United Nations office in Switzerland.  

EXCELLENCE  The Fellowship is raising the bar with inspiring partnerships,  ministries and missions and insisting on integrity in our work and in our being. 

DIVERSE Cooperative Baptists are strongly committed to hearing and respecting different perspectives, and to creating sacred space to hear God in multiple ways.


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