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Greetings from
Lake Providence

by Dr. Marc Boswell - Director, Louisiana Together for Hope

Marc Boswell
November 2019

Through Together for Hope, we're building a diaper bank for low-income families in East Carroll Parish. A diaper bank is simply a place for parents to get diapers as needed. There is currently no such resource in the Delta, and local health authorities say that parents are forced to consider rationing out diapers way beyond what's healthy for their infants and toddlers.

Diaper Bank

There are a few local organizations that are able to distribute the diapers, and they already have a vetting process in place to determine levels of need. However, they have a very limited supply, and sometimes their budgets don't allow them to keep any diapers around.

TFH and CBF-LA congregations can help bridge that gap. We can store the diapers in our garage and/or the Presbyterian Church where we'll soon be moving our office.

1st Pres
1st Presbyterian, site of new Together for Hope Office

I thought it would be meaningful and fun to launch this during Advent, perhaps using it as a time to invite congregation members or Sunday School classes to collect diapers. In Advent, we await the coming of the baby Jesus... baby Jesus' swaddling clothes... diapers...helping those in need there's a connection there, right?

The local Capital One branch has given us a grant of $1,000 to get started, and a few other local organizations are hoping to help by hosting their own diaper drives.

During Advent, we're encouraging churches, congregations, and individuals to consider ways that you might help us start building our supply. We currently have no sizes, so all sizes are needed. You can order diapers online and have them shipped directly to Lake Providence, or you can mail a check or give online at tfh-la.org. Youth groups, Sunday School classes, or congregations might also consider hosting a drive during the four Sundays of Advent.

TFH-LA is fortunate to work with children and youth in grades K-12, as they start their college and career journeys, and now we can also work with them from the cradle and through the formative stages of their early lives. Thank you all for your support and consideration!




October 2019

Thank you all, again, for the many ways in which you helped make our 17th year of Bags of Hope a success. We delivered not only book bags on the day of the event, but also $2,500 worth of additional supplies directly to Southside Elementary School. Teachers, families, and administrators all send their appreciation and thanks.

Bags of HopeBags of HopeBags of Hope
Bags of Hope 2019

The fall has gotten off to a good start. Our board of directors met in mid-September, approving our
by-laws and making plans for the 2020 year. With their help, we're getting off the ground as a 501(c)3,
and we hope that this makes Together for Hope even more sustainable well into the future.

In Lake Providence, the GED courses are continuing, and we're also excited about a few new projects. Recently, I was approached by a few young adults from First Presbyterian Church (Lake Providence) about their desire for a quiet, contemplative type of worship service. So, working together, on
September 24th, we held our first Evening Vespers service. We're excited to see if this will be a good fit for the community.

Lastly, during Advent of this year, we're going to have our first Diaper Drive in hopes of establishing a source of diapers for local, low income parents. As most folks know, diapers can be very expensive, and they're also not covered by most social service programs. We plan to work along with our local Catholic Charities and Community Action offices to get diapers for our little ones in Lake Providence.
Be on the lookout for more information in the coming months.