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Relying on Good Neighbors
by Jenny Hodge
Together for Hope Missionary / Community Practitioner


The Saturday morning air was warm but a growing crisp breeze signaled that fall had arrived in time for this year's "Make A Difference Day". Mrs. Lynn Thom, a local teacher and community volunteer, is the main organizer for an annual day of volunteering, or making a difference, in the Lake Providence community. Because of her efforts to get volunteers and donations, windows in the downtown were washed, flowerbeds weeded, signs repainted, and fresh flowers planted to great visitors. Together for Hope - Louisiana (TFH-LA) was happy to support and partner with Mrs. Lynn in making the day a success!

As part of being a "good neighbor", TFH-LA often seeks to be a partner or supporter in the work of ministry in East Carroll Parish. When we humble ourselves to allow others to lead and receive the credit, it helps us build relationships and credibility with local community members. Thus, when TFH-LA is taking the lead on an initiative or program, we've built a solid reputation and network of partners we can rely on.


Jenny Hodge speaks to mission committees of University and  
Broadmoor churches.

As TFH-LA continues to look forward to its future and make changes necessary for our development, we hope you will continue to pray for us in this time. We rely on not only local partners, but our non-local partners for continued success in addressing rural poverty in Northeast Louisiana. As a ministry, we are processing how we do programs and structure ourselves to best addresses both the strengths and needs of the community. That may mean some changes but also reaffirmation of what we already do well in the local community! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jenny Hodge, tfhlouisiana@gmail.com or (3180 418-5133) if you would like to know more.