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At Work, Godspeed
by Kyle Kelley

Kyle Kelley

Godspeed - def.
1.An expression of goodwill when addressing someone, typically someone about to start a journey or a daring endeavor. Middle English phrase God spede ("may God cause you to succeed").

Your Coordinating Council is at work. Transition time in CBF-LA life does not mean treading water or aimlessly waiting around for something good to happen.

Soon you can expect an announcement from the Council about the next step in our journey.
Anyone out there share my pet sin of always being in a rush? Have you prayed with me, "God I want patience and I want it now!?"

Listening is underrated. In our little upstart Church for the Highlands in Shreveport with its big heart and w-i-d-e diversity (we have considered stealing Austin's slogan - "keep CFTH weird"), we take a full 3 minutes every Sunday in worship for nothing but silence.

Three minutes may not sound like much, but in our over-stimulated world, and a public worship service it can seem FOREVER. Minds can wander and yes, sometimes cell phones go off, but our young flock is learning to listen . . . to God.

In transition, we keep doing the things we know to do: pray, support the Together for Hope work, stay faithful to our calling in our unique patch of this earth.

We best be listening as well. . . to each other and to God. Part of our discerning together will be through listening sessions set up regionally for maximum local input. What are your dreams? To what is God calling us together?

The Coordinating Council is also looking to CBF national for input and starting to dialogue with our neighbor CBF Mississippi. They share many of our same passions and we have commonalities in our story. How might we partner together? At the General Assembly in Dallas in June, Louisiana and Mississippi will meet together in our state meeting time to listen and learn from each other.

Looking through a class darkly, it is good to slow down, be still. What is God's timing? Can we listen long enough to recognize a Kairos moment when it comes and have the humility to wait until there is a common, shared sense of direction? Let's indeed seek "God's speed" in this pilgrimage.