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Mike Massar

CBF-LA Trip-Tik
by Mike Massar, CBF-LA Coordinator

Long before there were Global Positioning Services or cell phones equipped with myriad tracking devices, whenever our family traveled we always consulted the American Automobile Association and ordered a little booklet called a "Trip-Tik." The Trip-Tik would plot out the best route to travel from our starting point to our destination, and in its sequential pages it provided interesting things to look for along the way. We found that the publication made our trips much easier to plan and much smoother from beginning to end.
Recognizing that this kind of communication is a bit outdated, I thought I would employ the idea in a metaphorical sort of way. As folks associated with CBF we are on a most intriguing journey. As we travel together I thought I might point out a few interesting things that might attract your attention and help you plan your "CBF travels."

2016 CBF General Assembly - The annual gathering of CBF will take place in Greensboro, North Carolina,June 20-24. Worship, business sessions, workshops and auxiliary events are on Thursday and Friday of Assembly, but there are meaningful events all week long, including a Wednesday evening kick-off for CBF's 25th Anniversary. Special speakers for the week include Glenn Hinson, Tom Long, Diana Butler Bass and others. You can make plans to attend this gathering at cbf.net.
Merger Plans with Mississippi - Last year we were pressing toward the possible merger with Mississippi CBF. We had several meetings to that end during the year. However, Mississippi has undergone some changes in their structure and leadership. Therefore, we have agreed to put the merger on hold until they have things settled. However, I have had meetings with Dr. Ray Higgins, State Coordinator for Arkansas, and Dr. Steve Graham, State Coordinator for Oklahoma, about some joint meetings and opportunities for missions/programming. I am enthusiastically encouraged by their visions for what we might do together. I will share more in the months ahead about these possibilities.

Stagg-Tolbert Lectures - This year's Stagg Tolbert Lecture Series features Dr. Joseph Phelps, Pastor of the Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Phelps will be speaking on "More Light, Less Heat: How a Community of Faith Deals Redemptively with Conflict," a topic with which he is most familiar, as evidenced by his book on the subject. The event will take place on Saturday, October 29th, at the University Baptist Church in Baton Rouge. Start making plans to join us for a most meaningful experience.

Together For Hope - Our search is well underway to find a missionary for the work in Lake Providence. The Search Committee, chaired by Kyle Kelley with members Griff Martin, Katie Mussat, Samantha Oakley, and Chris Thacker, is now in the interview stage of the process. Hopefully, a new missionary will be called in the not-so-distant future. Please pray for our committee as they work.
Our journey this year looks like a good one. Please let us know about CBF activities in your area. We want to know and pass them on.
Happy to be traveling with you,  Mike