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The Making of a Mural

Finished Mural

Preparation of the surface began Friday morning of the CBF-LA Spring conference in 2009,
which was held in Lake Providence. Friday night the design was penciled in with aid of a projector.
On Saturday morning painting of the outlines began.

muralmuralPainting outlines

Gallons and gallons of paint were used, most of it donated by local volunteers.
Not all of it landed on the wall.

Gallons of paintKelley Ann Flint with paint on fingersFrances Kelley painting outlines

The mural started in the minds of school students who were  asked to draw pictures of their community--what they liked and what would make it better. Artist Kate Murphy left below, 
then took these images and combined them in a quilt like design.

Kate Murphy - ArtistMural

Thanks to everyone who made this day special and who helped create a memory that will remain
for years to come.