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The Fellowship is the newsletter for CBF-LA. Click below for the news.
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April 2018
Providence Calls
Civil Rides
Greetings from Lake Providence - Marc Boswell

February 2018
When Illumination is Personal - Opinion by Kyle Kelley
Greetings From Lake Providence - Marc Boswell

December 2017
Bringing a Smile - Mike Massar
Christmas in Lake Providence
God Is In the Manger - Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Workday on Mission House Garage

October 2017
* Loyd Allen to Speak at Stagg-Tolbert Forum
* Luther 500 Years Later
* New Learning Center Opens in Lake Providence
* Thank You from Southside Elementary

August 2017
* Our 15th Annual Bags of Hope Drive
* Saying Goodby to Dr. Sarah Frances Anders
* Louisiana Celebrates 25 Years of CBF in Atlanta
* Greetings from Lake Providence: Summer Groups and HiSet

June 2017
* CBF turns 25
* Brian McLaren to keynote Assembly this month
* A Thanks and a Yes - Mike Massar
* Greetings from Lake Providence - Marc Boswell
* A Stole and a Stethoscope for Dr. John Henson

April 16, 2017
* Christ is Risen - Thomas Merton
* From Spain to Lake Providence to Your Backyard: Practicing Resurrection - Kyle Kelley
* Greetings From Lake Providence - Marc Boswell
* Lenten Lunch Pictures
* Holmes-van Rheenen Visits in Louisiana

March 12, 2017
* Suzii Paynter Visits Baton Rouge Church
* Lenten Lunch in Lake Providence - April 7
* Thinking Towards the Future - Mike Massar
* Prayers for Keith Holmes
* Greetings from Lake Providence - Marc Boswell

January 26, 2017
* Reaching Across Aisles and Communities in Partnership - Mike Massar
* New Year Greetings from Lake Providence - Marc Boswell

November 30, 2016
* Our Gratitude
* The Pew Project - Mike Massar
* Greetings - Marc Boswell
* Elderly Christmas Project in LP
* Other Together for Hope Happenings
* Forum, Updates, New Officers

October 9, 2016
* A Tangible Expression of Reconciliation - Mike Massar
* More Light, Less Heat - Joe Phelps
* Lake Providence Update - Marc Boswell
* Broadmoor Calls New Pastor Dr. Leonard Ezell

August 25, 2016
* The Recovery Begins - Call for Volunteer Groups
* Bags of Hope 2016 a Great Success
* Welcome Marc Boswell as He Begins September 1

July 28, 2016
* Marc Boswell Reflects on Mission Trip in LP 
* Bags of Hope Carnival August 6 
* Focused on Student Success - Holmes/van Rheenen
* Joe Phelps to Speak at Stagg-Tolbert Forum October 29 

July 9, 2016
* Saying Yes - Marc Boswell New TFH Director for LA - Kyle Kelley
* Bags of Hope Carnival August 6
* Joe Phelps to Speak at Stagg-Tolbert Forum October 29 
* Pews News: Saying Goodby to Griff, Church for the Highlands in Baptist News,
                       Elizabeth Lott in Baptist News 
* Twenty Years on Pilgrimage - Holmes/van Rheenen

May 25, 2016
* CBF-LA Trip-Tik - Mike Massar
* A Boisterous Hug - Kyle Kelley
* Every Nation Bible Recording - Holmes/van Rheenen
* Dawnings and Pews' News

March 17, 2016
* Lake Providence Work Day: Honor Jenny Hodge
* Stepping Next Door, "Cheers" - Holmes / van Rheenen

February, 25, 2016
* Lake Providence: The Mission Continues - Kyle Kelley
* CBF Global for Dummies - Griff Martin
* Not Lost in Translation - Holmes / van Rheenen
* St. Charles Ave Baptist and Church for the Highlands Recognized Nationally
* Meet Your CBF-LA Coordinating Council

December, 2015
* Rachel Held Evans at Forum
* Jenny Hodge Submits Resignation
* Straight From Holland: Keith the Human Map
* Giving to CBF Global Missions at Advent

November, 2015
* You Gotta Hear Rachel
* Artsy in LP

September 25, 2015
* Attending to the Heart - Mike Massar
* A Weekend in New Orleans with Rachel Held Evans
* Church for the Highlands Celebrates 5th Anniversary
* Holmes/van Rheenen Make Visit

July 7, 2015
* An Amazing Community - Mike Massar
* CBF Mississippi and CBF Louisiana Meet Together at General Assembly
* Church for the Highlands Featured in Video at General Assembly
* CBF-LA Calendar

May 28, 2015
* Mike Massar Named Transitional Coordinator
* Party in New Town
* Rachel Held Evans Coming in November
* In the Crow's Nest Looking for Praise - Mike Anderson
* Bags of Hope Scheduled August 1
* Holmes/van Rheenen Coming to Louisiana this Fall

April 1 , 2015
* At Work, Godspeed - Kyle Kelley
* Spring in Lake Providence: Time for a Trip - Jenny Hodge
* Interfaith Lends Its Voice to Cry for Justice and Safety at Camp Minden

March 1, 2015
* Forming Together with Courage and Honesty
* My People - Jenny Hodge
* CBF-LA Calendar

February 5, 2015
* Rachel Held Evans to Speak at Stagg-Tolbert Forum
* TNG: The Next Generation - Kyle Kelley
* Help Ads - Mary van Rheenen

December 24, 2014
* Babies at Christmas - Mary van Rheenen
* Saying Goodbye to Grace Beall
* The Confessions of a Would-be Change Agent - Malcolm Tolbert
* Dawnings Retreat Coming

December 5, 2014
* Saying Goodbye to Malcolm Tolbert
* Larger than the Miracle on 34th Street
* Dawinings Retreat Coming

November 25, 2014
* Coordinating Council Plans for Future
* Builders and Boosters ... Like the Kesslers - Kyle Kelley
* Dawnings Retreat Coming to Louisiana
* Homesick for Poznan - Mary van Rheenen

November 5, 2014
* Looking Up and Around - Kyle Kelley, Interim Coordinator
* Good Neighbors - Jenny Hodge, Missionary / Community Practitioner
* God's Arithmetic - Steven Porter
* Poverty Point, Near East Carroll, Now UN World Heritage Site

October 8, 2014
* Words from Moderator Terry Ellis
* Reid Doster's Letter of Resignation
* Burt Burleson Inspires the Best in Baptists at Forum
* Steven Porter is Coming to Louisiana

August 20, 2014
* Burt Burleson to Speak on "Why I am Baptist?!"
* Books Galore at Bags of Hope
* Sabra Hicks - New CBF-LA Bookkeeper, New Finance Office Address
* Winds of the Spirit: Life is Precious - Reid Doster

July 18, 2014
* Bags of Hope August 1-2
* Varied Mission Teams in Lake Providence
* Rev. John Scott's legacy in Lake Providence
* Baylor's Burt Burleson 2014 Stagg-Tolbert Biblical Forum Speaker
* Congrats Jenny Hodge on new milestone
* Meet our summer intern

April 2014
Grace Upon Grace - Spring Conference
Now, Find Your Rest - Reid Doster

Advent 2013
Pregnant with Hope
CNN Comes to Lake Providence
Church for the Highlands Turns 3
Stagg-Tolbert Forum 2013
Elizabeth Lott Called as Pastor of New Orleans Church

Sept 10, 2013
Thin Places with Dragonflies - Reid Doster
Flipping Out in Lake Providence
Sarah Shelton Coming to Louisiana
Congrats Kenny Crump

July-August-September 2013
Spring Conference Report
Bags of Hope 2013
Telling Your Story 'Til You Get it Right - Reid Doster
Jenny Hodge at Six Month Marker
Links to Stories about Will Campbell and Myron Madden
Field Tested Miraculous Together for Hope Coffee

April-May-June 2013
Suzii Paynter to speak at Spring Conference
LaPlace Disaster Response Opportunity at Spring Conference
What Kind of Tracks? - Reid Doster
Spring in Lake Providence - Jenny Hodge

Jan-Feb-Mar 2013
Suzii Paynter Candidate for National Coordinator
Meet Jenny Hodge - CBF-LA Together for Hope Missionary
Winds of the Spirit on Leadership and Involvement - Reid Doster
Sister Bernie - Louisianian of the Year
Adventures of Rascal - Mission House Dog

11-22-12 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Oct-Nov-Dec 2012
If Not Now - Molly Marshall
Winds of the Spirit for Isaac Relief - Reid Doster
Together for Hope Pictures
Church for the Highlands Turns 2 - Kyle Kelley

9-26-12 A Celebration, A Goodbye, A Homecoming
Stephanie Vance, new national interim TFH director, leaving LA end of year,
Molly Marshall comes to Forum, Broadmoor responds to Hurricane Isaac

8-2-12 Goodbyes to Special People, Spreading Hope
Goodby to Shannon Rutherford, Milton Johnson

July-Aug-Sept 2012
Three Words for You: Bags of Hope - Stephanie Vance
Molly Marshall to Speak at Stagg-Tolbert Forum
It is Yet Unfinished - Reid Doster
Colleen Burroughs Speaks at LA meeting
Pepper Sauce, Punch List and Hope Fund Update
100th Rubble House in Haiti
Maggie Lee For Good is Published
Hang a Back Pack on a Flagpole - Mary van Rheenen

6-1-12 New Arrival

Apr-May-June 2012
Holy Hot Sauce
Around the Campfire - Reid Doster
Where to Start - Stephanie Vance
Missional Mosaic
Welcome to Jeff Raines

Jan-Feb-March 2012
Dawnings: All Creation on Tiptoe - Spring Conference
Two Years and Counting - Stephanie Vance
Lake Providence Mission House Update
Tasting Missional: No Turning Back - Reid Doster
Veterans Honored - Randall Cope

Nov-Dec 2011
Bill Leonard speaks to CBF-LA
Hope Fund 2012
Take the Tour - Lake Providence Mission House
Live to Sail Another Day - Reid Doster
Together for Hope Scholarship Recepient - Stephanie Vance
Happy Birthday Church for the Highlands
A Word of Thanks

9-29-11 Hearing Bill, A Haven of Love and a Birthday

8-24-11 Good for Youth and the Rest of Us

Aug-Sept-Oct 2011
Bill Leonard to speak at Stagg-Tolbert Forum
Faces of Hope - Bags of Hope
Called by God, Yes Ma'am We Are - Stephanie Vance
Winds of the Spirit - Reid Doster
New Leadership Positions
Spring Conference Report

7-14-11 Bags of Hope, Gardens of Promise

6-30-11 Summer Breezes

5-26-11 Uncommon Nazarene

May-June-July 2011
Special Spring Conference Edition

3-8-11 Jesus in Haiti, Mardi Gras & Your Thumbs

Feb-March-April 2011
Your Sons and Daughters Will Prophesy
Winds of the Spirit - Reid Doster
Reflections on the New Year - Stephanie Vance
Going Public With God's Party - Kyle Kelley
Plugging Into CBF-LA

2-11-11 Risky Business

January 10, 2011 New Year Brings Thanks

December-January 2010-11
Romany "Hearing" Jesus for the First Time
CBF-LA Women Leaders to be Ordained
Homes for Haiti
Christmas in Lake Providence
Stephanie Moves In
Church for the Highlands at Two Months
Keeping Watch

December 15, 2010 Love Alone, Shobi, Ordaining


Fall 2010
Church For the Highlands
Stagg-Tolbert Forum - October 16
Winds of the Spirit
Lately in Lake Providence

September 2, 2010 Update

July 12, 2010
One Year After Tragedy
Maggie Lee Henson Scholarship
Gregg Bell and Arkansas Baptist College
Love and Romance with John Daugherty

April-May-June '10
* The Power of a Story
* 2010 Hut Hut Hut in Lake Providence
* Winds of the Spirit
* Stephanie's blog
* Time for bookbags

January-February-March '10
* Haiti Response
* New Wineskins
* You've Got the Time
* Ya'll Come Meet Stephanie
* Noisy Offering
* Vulcanesti Church Dedication

November-December '09
* Stagg-Tolbert Forum Report
* 11 on 11 Mission Trip
* Winds of the Spirit
* Global Missions

September-October '09
* Colleen Burroughs to Speak at Stagg-Tolbert Forum
* Places of Grace Offering for New Church Starts
* Winds of the Spirit - Reid Doster
* Bags of Hope 2009
* 11 on 11 Painting the Stadium
* What to Pray - Wade Arnold
* Associate Coordinator on Mend

June-July-August '09
*Lake Providence Spring Conference in pictures

April-May '09
* Special Spring Conference Edition
* Winds of the Spirit from Madisonville to Lake Providence - Reid Doster
* Going Boldly -- to Lake Providence - Mike Anderson
* Living a Dogs Life - Wade Arnold

February-March '09
* Dr. Fitz Hill and a Life of Challenges
* CBF-LA Spring Conference in Lake Providence

December-January '09
* Winds of the Spirit - Reid Doster
* Book Buddies
* Applications Accepted: TFH Missionary
* Doves and Mountains - Shurden Excerpts
* Global Missions Giving - More Important Than Ever

October-November '08
* Stagg-Tolbert Forum at FBC Shreveport Oct. 18
* Giving Back - Walter Shurden
* Reid Doster Reports
* Book Buddies Literacy Event Lake Providence Oct. 25
* Romany Updates

August-September '08
* Funding Nearly at Hand for Together for Hope Missionary
* Bags of Hope Goal Met
* Lake Providence Youth Camp
* Brain Food for the Disciple
* Holmes Missionary Journey
* Current 11 on 11 Literacy Event Lake Providence

E-NEWS June 28, 2008

May-June-July '08
* New Coordinator and Associate Coordinator Elected
* Spring Assmebly Highlights
* Redemptive Fellowship - Reid Doster
* Together for Hope Calendar
* Let's Fly a Kite in Memphis - Mike Anderson
* Memphis Assembly - W.C. Fields - Louisiana Speaker
* What is Current? - Shannon Rutherford
* Polyphony - Paul Henderson

February - March - April '08
* Embrace the World: Going Glocal
* CBF-LA Partner Churches Give Leadership
* Bridgewater Church Receives Missional Grant
* And A Child Shall Lead Again
* Disaster Response Staff at National Emergency Training
* Keith Holmes Coming to Louisiana

November - January '08
  * Embracing the World: 2007-2008 Global Missions
  * Glen and Clista Adkins (with FBC Shreveport ties) Join Mission Work to Romany
  * 2007 Stagg-Tolbert Forum: Bill Coates on Postmodern Generation, Words and the Word
  * Humanitarian Crisis Right Under Our Noses – Reid Doster and Charles Ray
  * John Daugherty Accepts Call to Florida Pastorate – Resignation Letter
  * The Work of Christmas – Howard Thurman

August - October '07
  * Places of Grace – CBF-LA State Ministries
  * Bags of Hope Turns Into a Party
  * Cancelling Debts – Bill Hoffman
  * "Seed Grant” for Community Garden
  * David: Thoroughly Human – Bill Coates
  * The Big Family Gathers – D.C. Assembly
  * Kenny and Shirley Crump’s 11th Mission Trip to China

May - July '07
  * Loaves and Fishes Goal Met – Moldolva Congregation to Have Building
  * Nearly 600 Volunteers Build Habitat Houses for 12 Katrina families
  * Broadmoor Pastor John Goodwin Retires
  * Disaster Response Mileposts
  * Pastor John and Bethlehem Church

March - April '07
  * Gathering in New Orleans for Renewal
  * Grady Nutt, Jerry Clower, Jinny Hinson: Jesters in the King’s Court – Kyle Kelley
  * Through Hurricane, Tornado and Bureaucracy: Ducre Home Complete!
  * Humor – Jinny Henson: The Pork Chop (Slippery Slope to Becoming Preacher’s wife)
  * Together for Hope Highlights
  * Ministry at the Vulcanesti Outpost

January - February '07
  * Returning to New Orleans
  * Disaster Response – A Year in Numbers
  * Cactus Bloom in Landscape of Poverty – Bill Hoffman
  * Poverty: A Religious Issue – Bread for the World
  *  Bridgewater Church Celebrates 1st Anniversary

November - December '06
  * When Stars Held Their Breath – Madelein L’Engle (and Hubble Space Telescope)
  * Expanding Gypsy Ministries – Daughertys Visit Holland
  *  Saying Thank-you
  *  Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund to Aid LaComb
  *  Stagg – Tolbert Forum

September - October '06
  * The Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Clarence Jordan
  *  Rebuilding, Rebirth – Carla Wynn and Reid Doster
  *  The Migrant’s Meal – Jay Hogewood
  *  What is the Price of Being the Presence of Christ? – John Daugherty
  *  A Church Without Walls – Reid Doster
  *   Readers Write
  *  Words to Make Fishers of Men – Mary van Rheenen

July - August '06
  *  $200,000 Church Recovery Initiative with Baptist Builders
  *  Volunteer Finds Faith – Carla Wynn
  *  John Daugherty on Missional Christians
  *  Prayer: The Conversation of a Lifetime – Mary Gurski
  *  The Book Bag People and More
  *  Touching Lepers With Jesus
  *  Daniel Vestal on Lamenting, Praying and Acting for our World
  *  Past Sunflower Fields – Mary van Rheenen

May - June '06
  *  It’s About Partnerships: Pass the Grapes! – Kyle Kelley
  * Up From Adversity: Bridgewater Church – Carla Wynn
  *  Volunteers With Fury – Stephen Meriwether
  *  Twister Yields Twisted Irony
  *  Singing the Lord’s Song in a Foreign Land – Larry Taylor
  *  Planting Hope In Lake Providence, Spreading Hope in Tensas – Mary Wynn
  *  The Problem of Our Day: Complex, Spiritual, Moral – Daniel Vestal
  *  Sinti Tent Meeting: Food, Stories, Faith – Mary van Rheenen

March - April '06
  *  New Wineskins: Called To Do a New Thing
  *  A Church is Born
  *  Disaster Response 101: He Who Has the Showers Has the Power – Reid Doster
  *  Orphan Tongue – Mary van Rheenen
  *  A Day in the Life of Us – Mary van Rheenen
January - February '06
  *  Bridgewater: Fresh Start After Katrina
  *  Heart to God, Hand to Our Brothers and Sisters – Reid Doster
  *  Following Jesus Against the Grain (White Preachers in Trouble) – Kyle Kelley
  *  Christmas in the Bayou – Reid Doster
  *  Romany “Woon-Wagon-Camp” & How Jesus Makes Siblings Of Us All -- Mary van Rheenen

November - December '05
  *  CBF-LA Goes Charismatic
  *  From Sprint to Marathon: Disaster Response and Using Our Gifts
  *  Fisher Humphreys Addresses Stagg-Tolbert Forum, Lynn & Edith Hawkins Honored
  *  Volunteer Gifts in China – Kenny Crump
  *  Lacombe: God Knows Our Name, Cares About Our Story – Reid Doster
  *  Gifted to Serve: Team Based Ministry – Ron Perritt

September - October '05
  *  Katrina and Being the Presence of Christ
  *  Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Fisher Humphreys
  *  Raia and Eduardo: Romany Dreams for Independence – Mary van Rheenen
  *  Church in Exile – Carla Wynn

July - August '05
  *  Turning 100: Baptist World Alliance Birthday Party
  *  Baptist Women Walking Together – Sarah Frances Anders
  *  Seeing With New Eyes: Women’s Declaration, Baptist World Alliance
  *  Free Water and a Free Library! – Mary van Rheenen
  *  Louisiana Baptists in a Texas Greenhouse – Kyle Kelley
  *  My Sexuality – Malcolm Tolbert

May - June '05
   *  Sons and Daughters of Abraham: Baptist/ Jewish Dialogue in New Orleans – Kyle Kelley
   *  The Inexorable Messianic Question – Steven Meriwether
   *  Swatting Mosquitoes or Draining the Swamp? – Kyle Kelley

March - April '05
   * “Breakout Year” for CBF-LA
   *  Following Jesus Together in a World of Pain– Daniel Vestal and Bill Hoffman
   *  Developing a Marriage Ministry in Your Church – Greg and Priscilla Hunt
   *  Of Saints and Sea Legs – Kyle Kelley
   *  Grief: Journeying Together – Lee Weems
   * Discipleship in Mark’s Gospel – Carlton Winberry

January - February '05
   *  Why Louisiana Baptists Need to Know Daniel Vestal
   *  ‘Pastor Dan’ In His Own Words: Gleanings from Vestal on Line
   *  To Our Most Bitter Opponents – Martin Luther King
   *  Committing to Long Term Needs in SE Asisa – Carla Wynn

November - December '04
   *  Louisiana Couple: The Presence of Christ Among Gypsies
   *  Romany at a Glance
   *  A Missionary’s Heart – Keith Holmes
   *  Is God an American? – Greg Hunt
   *  In Prison You Visited Me: The Gospel in Restorative Justice
   *  On Not Checking Your Brain at the Door of the Church: Malcolm Tolbert at Forum

September - October '04
  * Two Louisiana Treasures: Frank Stagg and Malcolm Tolbert
  *  BWA: Not a New Airline
  *  Louisiana College: Are the Pine Trees Drooping? – Kyle Kelley
  *  Coming Full Circle, A Walking Miracle – Ronney Joe Webb
  *  The Isaiah Platform