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Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson



A Night with the Stars
by Mike Anderson

We left Arkadelphia 9:30 Sunday night, after bringing Claire to start a new semester at Ouachita Baptist University. I was on the access road about to enter I-30 when a quick glance to the sky was so startling that I pulled over and brought the car to a stop. The night sky sparkled with a brilliance of a million diamonds unlike I remember ever seeing. Every star in our galaxy seemed to jump out from behind its curtain and hung dazzling against the pitch-black velvet of space. There were so many I could hardly pick out those constellations with which I was familiar. It was an overwhelming experience of beauty and wonder.

We went a bit further and pulled off onto a safe side road for a longer look. I drove the next two hours reflecting on that spectacle we beheld. The Milky Way, the center of our galaxy, stood out as though illuminated from behind with spotlights. One hundred billion stars spanning thousands of light years make up our little corner of the universe. And God made it all! I was still reveling in this as I drove south into Caddo Parish. Even twenty miles out the lights of Shreveport slowly covered my southern horizon. As the sky glowed more brightly, the stars began disappearing. I parked the car at our house and looked up searching for that brilliant display, but this time it was gone. I strained to find them but the sky hid its wonders. Instead only the few familiar stars I see every night met my search. It was a let down. But I expected it. The lights of the city and its normally invisible pollution that lingers above our town cloaked the beauty I had enjoyed for a short while.

I realize if I want to experience the full brilliance of night sky, I had to leave the town. Of course the stars are still there, even when we can’t see them.

The work of God is like that, too. We become so distracted by problems or simply living, that we fail to see the full brilliance of God’s work all around us. Life is filled with blessings like the sky with stars. But we need to pull away from distractions to see them. It is important to remember even though we don’t see Him fully, our heavenly Father is closer than you realize.

“The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.” Ps 19:1

Mike Anderson is pastor of Haynes Ave. Baptist Church in Shreveport and a past moderator of CB-LA.