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Steven Porter at Broadmoor- Baton Rouge

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Steve Porter, Global Missions Coordinator for CBF visited Baton Rouge October 25th to talk missions. Finding ourselves in a new cultural and church landscape in which the world is now coming to us, Porter challenges us to a deep scriptural imagination. Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven is our prayer and our lens on how to view our work in this world.

We are called to a place and a purpose, not to the fanciest or most winsome program. The church is not a mission stated Porter, but rather God's mission has a church. Porter encourages us to "exegete" our community, to plant ourselves deeply in the place God has placed us. Jesus constantly multiplies small gifts and together, as imperfect people, we invite the world to participate in God's reconciliation of all things through Jesus Christ.

Dr. Porter, as he was known to Jenny Hodge when she was his student at Truett seminary, cited her work as an example of missions in bold humility. Our work in Lake Providence is not simply about what we take to that community, but what we also learn from that encounter and take back to our own communities.   

Learn more about Steven Porter and see video.