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On Not Checking Your Brain
at the Church Door:
The First Stagg-Tolbert Forum

Frank Stagg and Malcolm Tolbert:
Two Louisiana Treasures

Remembering Malcolm Tolbert









The Stagg-Tolbert Forum for Biblical Studies
is an annual state event. The next Forum will
be held in Spring 2018.


The Forum is an event designed to make excellence in biblical scholarship accessible to the lay person. Named in honor of two renowned Louisiana Baptist biblical scholars, Dr. Frank Stagg and Dr. Malcolm Tolbert, the Forum was first held in 2004 with Dr. Tolbert as the inaugural speaker. Fisher H. Humphries followed in 2005, Al Staggs in 2006, Bill Coates in 2007, Walter Shurden in 2008, Colleen Burroughs in 2009, Terry York in 2010, Bill Leonard in 2011,
Molly Marshall in 2012, Sarah Jackson Shelton in 2013, Burt Burleson in 2014, Rachel Held Evans in 2015, and Joe Phelps on 2016.


Joe Phelps 
Joe Phelps

The 2016 Stagg Tolbert Lecture Series featured Dr. Joseph Phelps, Pastor of the Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Phelps spoke on "More Light, Less Heat: How a Community of Faith Deals Redemptively with Conflict," a topic with which he is most familiar, as evidenced by his book on the subject.

Rachel Held Evans speaks in New Orleans  
Rachel Held Evans was 2015 Forum Speaker

Why I am . . . Baptist !?!
Dr. Burt Burleson, Baylor University Chaplain
gave the 2014 Stagg-Tolbert lectures

Read Dr. Burleson's transcript:
On Being A Moderate Baptist


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Sarah Jackson Shelton 2013 Forum Speaker

Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\CBF\Forum2012\2012-10-15 10-15-12\Forum2012\marshall1.jpg Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\CBF\Forum2012\2012-10-15 10-15-12\Forum2012\forum2012crowd.jpg 
Dr. Molly Marshall was the 2012 Forum speaker.

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Description: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\forum2011\leonard1.jpgDescription: C:\Users\kyle.kelley\Pictures\forum2011\Leonard2.jpg
Bill Leonard, 2011 Forum Speaker

Dr. Terry York's 2010 topic was "Render to Caesar, Render to God." Transcripts of his presentation are here.

Transcripts and audio versions of Dr. Malcolm Tolbert's presentations at the initial series are given below:
Lecture 1 - The Problem of the Old Testament (transcript)

Lecture 2 - Genesis 1: Science or Fiction (transcript)

Walter Shurden - Flight of the Dove, Ascent of the Mountain

Malcolm Tolbert at 2009 Forum
Dr. Malcolm Tolbert, center, Inaugural Forum Speaker



Burt Burleson
Dr Burt Burleson at 2014 Forum.

Colleen Burroughs at 2009 Forum
Colleen Burroughs, 2009 Forum Speaker


Terry York , left, at Forum 2010
Terry York, left, 2010 Forum Speaker