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The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Louisiana is a network of cooperating Baptist Christians and churches in Louisiana who together seek to be the presence of Christ in our state and the world beyond. We partner with our national Fellowship organization in "serving Christians and churches as they discover their God-given mission."

Our former National Coordinator, Dr. Daniel Vestal, says "we are a Jesus people...we follow Jesus and seek to be like Him. We study His teachings, especially His Sermon on the Mount, to form our behavior and character. The Kingdom He announces and embodies is our passion. The ethic of discipleship is a Kingdom ethic and it is radical. Forgiveness of our enemies, compassion for the poor, simplicity in life and speech are to mark us because that is what God's order of things is all about. Christ calls us to follow Him in His sufferings. In the cross of Christ is our salvation."

In the Baptist, evangelical tradition we believe in a personal transformational experience with Jesus that changes us, and the way we live. God calls us to change the world, to align ourselves with the Kingdom that Jesus proclaimed.

We partner with churches throughout the state in missions, outreach, church planting, education and fellowship. Together we are Church - God's instrument for reconciliation in our world.

The task is much larger than ourselves, and possible only through the work of the Holy Spirit. We follow the Spirit in obedience which leads to joyful, abundant living. In the truth of Jesus we have been set free.

In the freedom of Christ we reach out to others. Knowing forgiveness and the grace of God we are compelled to go forth in both boldness and humility. Our basic litmus test is "Jesus is Lord." Grounded by biblical faith we reject the post modern view of relativism. God's truth is eternal and our salvation.

Having been set free by Jesus, we reject the new bondage of fundamentalism or any narrow interpretation of God's Good News that would quench the movement of the Spirit. We are open to all who seek to be in relationship with us, and those who need "a cup of water given in Jesus name."

Knowing that we "see through a glass darkly," we are humbled by our own fallibility, but confident in the One "in whom we move and have our being."