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Seeing with New Eyes
Womens Declaration - Baptist World Alliance
Birmingham, England - July 2005

Our vision is limited due to our human nature as well as by
the influence of sin in our lives. The Gospel, however, provides
a blessed opportunity of seeing reality, other people,
and ourselves with new eyes.

As Baptist women see anew, we affirm that:

We are created in God's image.

We, as God's daughters, are chosen to be co-heirs of the
Kingdom of God .

We, our families, and our faith communities are called to
live in the Shalom of God that involves a spiritual, physical,
emotional, and material peace.

We, as women, are called to exercise our diverse gifts and
ministries in full partnership with our brothers in Christ.

"Seeing with new eyes" means that we, as Baptist women,
are able to see more clearly the holistic salvation that Jesus
offers, and the challenges that sharing in Christ's ministry
poses for us. Thus, we denounce and condemn false and
oppressive visions of God, ourselves, our families, the
church, the Bible, ministry, and reality.

As Baptist women, we covenant to support and uphold a
Biblical vision of God and the world which enables us to see
beyond the practices of our various cultures that condone
the exploitation of our sisters through injustices, violence,
and oppression.

As we continue to see all of life through Christ's eyes of
truth, love, compassion, and victory, we will fulfill our calling
to create communities that reflect the Shalom of God,
and live to the praise of God's glory. Amen!